Newsletter 3-7-2014

A March membership meeting was called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Vice Commodore Jim Gribben

Michael A. Schmidt introduced himself to the membership. His sponsors are Jim Gribben and Bill Fortman.  The rules for associate membership were gone over with him at the board meeting. The Board recommended him for associate membership. After discussion Lenny Asaro made a motion that we accept Michael A. Schmidt for associate membership, Clark Henderson seconded and carried.

Fred Calvo introduced himself to the membership. His sponsors are Bill and Maggie Fortman. The rules for associate membership  were gone over for him at the board meeting. The Board recommended him for associate membership. After discussion Lenny Asaro made a motion to accept Fred Calvo for associate membership, Vince Wallace seconded and carried. 

 A motion by Barbara Vriale to waive the reading of the previous meeting was seconded by Ken Kligerman and carried. The Board minutes were read and approved by Barbara Vriale, seconded by Clark Henderson  and carried.

Debbie Rasbach reported we are a non-profit organization. At the Board meeting she gave Dock master, Bud Whitcomb some fliers to put up and Clark Henderson some applications to look at. At the regular membership meeting Vice Commodore Jim Gribben told her that he is going to talk to the Treasurer at the Elks Lodge about the scratch off tickets and  the Board will discuss it at the next Board meeting and get back to her by next meeting.

 Financial Secretary – Barbara Vriale reported the deposits for the month of February, {$12,896.40}.  Regular membership dues have been paid in full totaling $6,115.00. Associate membership dues totaling  $4,217.50. One member has resigned . One member has been removed from the list for non-payment of dues. Dock dues have been paid in full totaling $14,820.00. Clark Henderson made a motion to accept  the Financial Secretary`s report. Joy Zanchelli seconded and carried.

Treasurer- Clark Henderson went over a detailed financial report . After discussion  Barbara Vriale made a motion to accept Clark`s financial report,   Joy Zanchelli seconded and carried.  


Dock master-Bud Whitcomb reported  MOVE UP DAY WILL BE ON SATURDAY, MARCH 8TH @ NOON. WEATHER PERMITTING DOCK WORK DAY WILL BE ON SATURDAY MARCH 22ND @ 8:30 A.M.   He thanked assistant dock master Lenny Asaro for keeping a good log book on the pump out. We received a check back for the amount of $750.00.  He presented the changes to the Docks, Mains , and Fingers. After discussion, John Decker suggested we put a committee together and go over it before we decided to do something. John Smith complimented Bud on  the fact that he is doing something about the dock problem, Strengthen the docks would be a good thing.  The Membership decided to table this discussion and get committee together to discuss further.  Moving up day we will fill one slip and hold off on one.

Bud Whitcomb reported that there are two binders, one for the regular members and one for the associates. The one for associates will be out in the shed and the one for regular members will be in the clubhouse to keep track of all the hours. Each member has their own page. He thanked Barbara Vriale for making the binders up.    

Vice Commodore- Jim Gribben thanked Vince Wallace for the display board he put up for the Mohawk Hudson Council in the clubhouse. Vince Wallace thanked Joy Vanucchi for finding, cleaning up and cataloging the photos that are mounted on the board which otherwise would have been another August 21, 2011 Hurricane Irene loss- THANK YOU JOY VANUCCHI!  Jim Gribben is going to ask George Pulver to make a suggestion box for the members to put their suggestions in, anything they would like to suggest, so we can make a happier clubhouse.

 Committee Reports:

Bar- Jim Gribben thanked Bob LaBuff and his crew for cleaning up the bar and clubhouse after the party. Vicky Perzanowski thanked Jason Borgen and Deb Rasbach for cleaning before the party. Tony Perzanowski was given $500.00 for the  bar snacks. He took in $497.00. The snacks only cost fifty cents each, to throw in the jar on the bar. PLEASE PUT YOUR FIFTY CENTS IN THE JAR WHEN YOU TAKE A SNACK.      


Grounds Committee Chairman –George Pulver- no report

Gas Chairman- no report   

Dock Rental Chairman- Joy Vanucchi is accepting  applications for dock rentals. You can reach her at 1-845-249-7790

Newsletter- THANK YOU   BARBARA VRIALE FOR FILLING IN AS THE SECRETARY FOR THE MONTHS OF JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. THANK YOU TO ANY MEMBER THAT SENT FLOWERS, GAVE ME CANDY, AND SENT ME GET WELL WISHES, I APPRCIATE ALL YOUR PRAYERS. If any member has any comments about the news letter, or anything to add to the newsletter, please come to the meeting and express your view, or you can reach me at 518-965-3034.   To visit our website go to-  or contact Vince Graham at 518-291-9220 or e-mail him at THANK YOU VINCE FOR UPDATING OUR WEBSITE.  FOR ANYONE THAT WOULD LIKE TO GO TO OUR WEBSITE- USERNAME-MEMBER/ PASSWORD-ANCHOR.

Council- Bob LaBuff reported the council  dinner was a great success and he thanked Uwe Hestnar for cooking and helping in the kitchen was Lee Ramsdell and Lenny Asaro. Everything was outstanding. He thanked Pam and Russ Coloton for tending bar, no one had to wait for a drink. He thanked John and Jean Smith and Joy and Gary Vanucchi, Russ Coloton and himself for serving the meal. He thanked Jim Gribben for making sure the bar was stocked and change in the register. He thanked Vince Wallace for the great presentation of our clubs history. He thanked Vince Graham for the good sound system we had to use.  He was extremely proud of the job the club did and thanked all the members who participated. For Desserts thanks goes out to Larissa Morby, Jean Smith, Joy Vanucchi, and Sue LaBuff , for donating desserts, which got many congrats.  The change of watch was the councils business. The membership voted and passed a change on the number of people present to have a quorum. Meeting April 1st is at the Hudson Power Boat to create a commission to plan a used boat sale. Anyone interested can attend. Flare up at the point again this year will be held on May 17th, 2014.  Council website updated with links to other council clubs. They requested clubs should update their websites with current event info. The  next council meeting will be held at  Coxsackie Yacht Club on May 6th, 2014 @ 6:00 p.m.  All delegates are urged to attend.    




OLD BUSSINESS- The Board went over again the following changes to the Rules and Regulations Governing Dockage

Page 2 of 5- Delete- The placing of these boats will be solely up to the discretion of the board and dock master. Add- Any open docks after move up day will be assigned to members according to seniority . At the Board meeting Jim Gribben made a motion to accept this change and Gary Vanucchi seconded and carried. At the membership meeting Lenny Asaro made motion to accept,  John Decker seconded and carried.

Page 3 of 5- Is tabled for next month to vote on because the board has to reword.

Page 4 of 5- Omit #34- any trailer[s] left by a boat owner on the Smith property after haul out day will be charged a minimum $100.00 per month There is to be no storage on the Smith property. At the board meeting Bud Whitcomb made a motion to accept and Lenny Asaro seconded and carried. At the membership meeting Clark Henderson made a motion to accept and Lenny Asaro seconded and carried.


Page 9, under dock master- #3 delete prior to the March meeting and add at the December meeting. At the board meeting Bud Whitcomb made a motion to accept and Lenore Whitcomb seconded and carried. At the membership meeting Bob LaBuff made a motion to accept and Jason Borgen seconded and carried.

Page 10- Under article VIII- Amendments- We omitted proposed Article 9, Boat size that is put  into the dock rules. At the board meeting Bud Whitcomb made a motion to accept and Clark Henderson seconded and carried. At the membership meeting Sue LaBuff made a motion to accept, John Decker seconded and carried.