Newsletter 1-9-2014

The January membership meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by Commodore Gary Vanucchi.
Commodore Vanucchi introduced Foster Todd Ribsman who is applying for Associate Membership. He appeared before the Board Monday night and was informed of all the rules, regulations and privileges of Associate Membership. He was approved by the Board. Dennis Callahan made a motion to approve Foster Todd Ribsman for Associate Membership, Ray McNeany seconded and carried. Congratulations Foster and Welcome Aboard!

A motion by Kenny Kligerman to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was seconded by Joe Vriale and carried. The Board minutes were read and approved by Joe Vriale, seconded by Jim Gribben and carried.

Financial Secretary, Barbara Vriale reported Ralph Bosley has been removed from the Associate Membership List. Deposits for the month of December totaled $2,602.80. Bills for Membership Dues were mailed out on December 31; Associate Member Dues totaled $4,375.00, Full Member Dues totaled $6,150.00. All payments are due back on or before January 31, 2014. The books for work hours for Associate Members and Full Members have been completed. Each Associate and Full Member is responsible for filling out the form after doing their time. The Associate Member book will be placed in the shed and the Full Member book will be behind the bar. Please look it over and mark any changes/corrections. These books can also be used in case of an emergency as they contain member’s phone numbers. Charts have been made up which will track the hours monthly and the updated charts will be placed in the display cabinet. Joe Vriale made a motion to approve the Financial Secretary Report, seconded by Lenny Rein and carried.

Treasurer, Clark Henderson reported we presently have more money in the account. Clark presented a detailed financial report. Joe Vriale made a motion to accept Clark’s report, which was seconded by Lenny Rein and carried.

Commodore, Gary Vanucchi reported on behalf of Dockmaster Bud Whitcomb. Bud dropped the lull tires off at Van Kleek’s and they told him that they would get to them right away. As of this date nothing has been done with them. Lenny Rein advised us that he knows some people at Van Kleeck’s and he will check on the status of the tires. Thank you Lenny!

Vice Commodore, Jim Gribben thanked the outgoing Board Members and welcomed the incoming Board Members.

Commodore Gary Vanucchi also thanked the outgoing Board Members and welcomed the new Board Members. The By-Laws and Dock Rules with proposed changes were read. Some of the changes previously approved by the Board were approved by the general membership; some others were tabled until the next Board meeting for further tweaking.

Committee Reports:

Bar Chairman – Jim Gribben reported December was a great month. He also informed us that because of the snow build-up in front of the garage doors he has been unable to sort the cans for recycling.

Building Committee Chairperson – Tony Perzanowski reported for Vicky. Anyone that wants to get some time can replace the broken filter on the ice machine. He suggested we shut down the big ice machine, for the time being, and he will bring in his small ice machine that can be hooked up behind the bar.

Grounds Committee Chairman – George Pulver has volunteered to chair this committee. Thanks George!

Gas Chairman – Joe Vriale had nothing to report at this time.

Dock Rental Chairman – Joy is accepting dock applications please contact her at 845-249-7790.

Newsletter – Barbara Vriale standing in for Joy Zanchelli. If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 518-622-2808. Thank you for your patience during this interim period.

Council – Bob LaBuff reported the Sea Scouts is a great organization if you have children or grandchildren. The Council will be putting on a huge boat show. There will be more information on this event at a later date. March 4th will be our turn to host the Council dinner. Bob is looking for help. Please contact Bob if you can lend a hand at 518-312-1278. Live at 5 will work on turning the speakers toward the boats during events. Hidden Harbor needs a burgee. Next Council meeting is in May.

Special Events:

March 29th and 30th – Bud and Lenore Whitcomb will be hosting, “Thank God It’s Spring” at the Winter Clove Inn. The party consists of overnight stay, dinner, cash bar, heated pool, karaoke, and breakfast on Sunday morning. Bowling is on the premises for $4 per game and includes shoe rental. The cost is $65 per person and must be paid by March 6, 2014. Bud and Lenore and giving $25 of the $65 back to the Club!!! Please see attached flier and make your reservation!!!

Tony Perzanowski will be hosting Polish Night on February 15, 2014, cocktails at 5:00 PM and dinner at 6:00 PM. The cost is $20 per person. If you are in the mood for real Polish food; Golumpkis (stuffed cabbage), Pierogies, Kielbasa and Bigos (stew) you need to stop what you are doing right now and place a call to Tony or Vicky at 518-622-9777. There is limited space for this event!! Tony has all the details, i.e., date, time and cost. Maybe we will even have some Polka dancing!!!!! See Back Page!

Joe Vriale will be hosting the annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner in March. There will be more information regarding this event in next month’s Newsletter.

Old Business

Commodore Vanucchi thanked Uwe for the great job on the Christmas Party. Uwe thanked everyone that helped before and after the party and all those who attended the party.


There was a question raised regarding seniority when a husband and wife join the Club at two different times. The answer to this question is: The second person to join comes in at the bottom of the list. They do not join their other half wherever they are on the list.

A motion by Lenny Rein to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 PM was seconded by Russ Coloton and carried.

Next Board Meeting is Monday, February 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Next Regular Meeting is February 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM