• CYC Commodore Picnic

    The Catskill Yacht Club Commodore picnic will be held on Saturday, September 29th, starting at 11AM. Dinner will be server at 4PM. Members are asked to bring a salad or dessert. Please contact Darryl Legg at cell 518-605-5436 or Home 518-589-9234 if you are attending and what you will be bringing. 

  • Tropical Blast

    The Catskill Yacht Club gang enjoying the Tropical Blast Photo Booth.










  • Members Hit The River

    CYC members attended two events this past weekend. One group went to Saugerties Boat Club for their steak and Lobster event. The second went Coxsackie Yacht Club 20 week party. Our thanks to these clubs for their hospitality.

  • Keeping Members in Your Thoughts

    Uwe Hestnar and Marge recently visited  with Sheila Gilfeather and Mike Gilfeather in their new homes. They are members of the CYC for the past 35 years. It took some time to find the two of them, since they are in different homes. Sheila resides in a nursing/rehab. home. More like a hotel, very nice. We visited with Sheila for a couple of hours, her daughter was also present. Sheila is doing well and she is there for the past year. Mike started out in the Hudson Hospital, from there he went to Barnwell. About one week ago he was transferred to a nursing/rehab.home, about 3 miles away from where Sheila resides.Both homes are owned by the same Company. It was more difficult to find a home for him ,since Mike requires different care. Mike and Sheila daughters and son made all this happen. The one daughter used to live in Manhattan and moved to Albany to be close to her parents. The goal is that eventual both are in the same home. For now, since the two homes are only 3 miles away , the one daughter from Albany will bring them together a couple of times in a week to visit with each other. The other daughter lives on Long Island with her family. Years ago their son hiked the the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine to raise funds for his mother. 

    Please keep them in your thoughts and maybe send a card.

    Sheila Gilfeather
    Brookdale Niskayuna
    1786 Union Street
    Niskayuna, NY  12309
    518 346 6935

    Mike Gilfeather
    Brookdale East Niskayuna
    2861 Troy – Schenectady Road
    Niskayuna NY 12309
    518 782 7381
  • Important Reminders

    Doors to the club have been found left open. Please make sure all doors are closed and locked when you leave the building.

    Any member having issues entering the building with their key fob please contact Vicky Perzanowski.

  • Club History

    This club wasn’t started yesterday. Click to see the club history. Just updated to include 2017.

  • Shock Hazard

    It is extremely important to remember to disconnect your shore power cord from the outlet on the dock when leaving.




  • That is a Big One

    Crew member holding a 44 inch striper caught by CYC associate member Marc Uhrik and crew of “Le Chef”.










  • Website Maintenance

    The problem with certain website links and email have been fixed. In an effort to keep everything up to date and secure Mike Graham’s company Second Melody, who donates the hosting of the CYC website, decided to move the site to a new server. There were some issues during that transition which have been fixed. 

    The website is a great tool for keeping members up to date. All members should feel free to submit any useful information for inclusion on the site. Submit to vince@catskillyachtclub.com. Also sign up for email updates on the right side bar of the site.

  • Another Season Begins

    Dockmaster Lenny Asaro reports a successful docks in day. Thanks to all who participated.










  • Members on Vaction

    Bob & Sue Labuff enjoying a tropical cocktail on their recent trip to Palm Springs, CA to visit the Grahams










  • Attention Boat Clubs

    In addition to CYC events we will be including the events of our friends at other council clubs on our calendar. This will help our members plan their summer as well as help with a little bit of advertising. Please email vince@catskillyachtclub.com  with your upcoming events and updates as time goes on.

  • Update Email Address

    Any members or associates who have changed their email address in the past six months please email Secretary Uwe Hestnar krogenmanatee@gmail.com with the updated address. Please include you name in the email.